Mobile Consumption is Rising

With established benchmarks stemming from three years of data and analysis, our latest research reveals accelerated and irreversible trends regarding “on the go” media consumption and how B2B organizations market and communicate via social media channels.

Reflecting the input of 379 in-house counsel (an all-time high), the 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey offers ample evidence that social media tools have gone mainstream, providing strong insight to guide the marketing efforts of attorneys seeking to reach this audience. This also presents an inside view into executives’ attitudes toward these tools, which can inform communications programs across the C-suite.

Building on our 2012 data, more than half of in-house counsel say they are consuming news and information through mobile devices in 2013. Fifty-three percent of survey respondents are reading business news on their smartphones daily, while 39 and 23 percent, respectively, are using tablets and mobile apps for news every day.

And while 51 percent of in-house respondents say that receiving information through mobile devices makes them more informed, and 36 percent believe mobile devices help them manage information more efficiently, 34 percent say the mobile trend is contributing to information overload.

What is the key takeaway for marketers? To effectively reach current and potential clients on the go, make sure that your content is mobile-friendly.

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